José Maurício

I’ve always liked photography and after a long break of more than ten years, I returned to this hobby about a year ago, as a way to make sense of the isolation that the pandemic vetoed us.

Photography communicates through images and through it I express my vision of the city and its surroundings.

My selection environments involve lights, daytime and nighttime reflections, fog, and what, even at night, lights up and makes itself present.

The environment appears, at times, with strokes of cinematic intentionality. Simple elements such as clouds, boats, vegetation, the maritime environment of the City of Setúbal and the array of seabirds that animate it, are part of my portfolio.

Camera: Sony A7RIV

Lenses: Sony 16-35GM, Sony 24-70GM II, Sony 100-400GM, Sony 200-600G, Sony 1.4x Teleconverter

Filters: PolarPro ND

Tripod: BENRO Rhino Carbon FRHN24C+VX25

Backpack: Shimoda Explore V2 35

Lens Protection: Rolanpro

L-Bracket: SmallRig

Monitor: Asus ProArt Display PA279CV